Artwa Amphibious Robot Service

Modularization technology


Conventional green algae prevention methods

Measure by operator
Waste of manpower
Risk taking

Measure with water equipment
Expensive installation cost
Difficulty of maintenace

Measure with a buoy
Calibration not possible
Poor data accuracy

Automation technology

Fully automated operation is possible based on local information and assigned routes.

BEAU:LEAF automatically tracks and returns to the docking station for charging, battery replacement, ect.
so, no need for human presence each time.

BEAU:LEAF also provides real-time monitoring services
to enable immediate action in the event of device and sensor problems.

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Stabilization technology

Conventional propeller- and boat-type USVs are limited in overcoming obstacles such as waterweeds, reefs, vinyl, and bulky debris, which makes full automation of data collection impossible. BEAU:LEAF’s center of gravity movement structure is optimized to overcome these problems.

The fluid movement of the center of gravity maximizes the stability of the BEAU:LEAF, and the motor structure on the water and the caterpilar built with floating bodies minimize tripping and wind-up of aquatic plants.


The upper landscaping object of BEAU:LEAF can be customized as desired by you.
It can be used in various ways for advertisement, and landscape lighting.

Green Algae Forecast

Data collected in units of plane enables prediction of algae and environmental pollution issues through AI. Through this, it is possible to predict the stage of the occurrence of algae cells that cannot be identified by the naked eye before the outbreak of algae, and prevent algae by enabling early disaster prevention such as aeration.

The green algae prediction we provide predicts the number of harmful algae cells using only the data collected from the sensor without visiting to the lab. This enables an effective decision-making structure for algae alerts and actions.


Artwa’s products not only predict water quality, but also show the potential for development in rescuing drowning people, becoming toys to play on water, cleaning the streets, and exploring pipelines

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