Artwa awarded Excellence Fellow in H-ON DREAM Project !

This is the our CEO who is presenting a demonstration project that has been going on for about 6 months before the award ceremony. After working hard with Hyundai Motor’s production technology team 3(hereafter referred to as the Hyundai Motor’s PT team 3), which has been steadily working together, we were selected as the best […]

A Promising environmental problem solver “Artwa”

Yuhan Kimberly’s PICK “Artwa”! Yuhan-Kimberly, which has been proclaiming ‘Make our rivers and mountains greener’ since 1984, selected Artwa as one of the three environmental social ventures targeted for the ‘Green Impact Project’. The Green Impact Project is a project to discover and nurture social ventures that can contribute to solving social and environmental problems. […]

Artwa exhibited at Kintex WSCE !

Hello, this is Artwa.ARTWA will be joining 2022 WSCE:a WORLD SMART CITY EXPO KOREA!The event was held from Wednesday, August 31st to Friday, September 2nd, 2022 Artwa set up an exhibition booth at the Korea Water Resources Corporation booth.For those who come to see the products and exhibitions, we have prepared sticker goods again. Cute […]

Artwa x MBC documentary last shooting site!

Hello, this is Artwa.We’ve finished filming the MBC documentary that was introduced through the K-water(Korea Water Resources Corporation).we would like to thank the MBC filming staff who worked hard on the filming and the K-water Gunwi Dam branch officials who provided the location. We filmed the meeting with the Hyundai Motors PT animation team.In the […]

The beginning of H-ON DREAM, with Hyundai Motor Company X Artwa

  H-ON DREAM 시작   Hello, this is artwa.Artwa was selected for the H On Dream C-Track, which was conducted by the Hyundai Motor Group and the Chung Mong-koo Foundation. On June 28th, Artwa visited ONDREAM SOCIETY located in Myeong-dong, Seoul. An exciting IR was also conducted with Hyundai Motor officials. It seems that the demonstration with Hyundai […]

Artwa exhibited BEAU:REAF at ENVEX exhibition !


Hello, this is Artwa.It’s an honor to be able to participate in the booth of the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute at the ENVEX exhibition. Artwa’s booth was located at Booth K47 of the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute. Even if the cute representative rides on, the sturdy TuWang does not budge.A lot […]

Introduce you to new friend TuWang!


Hello! We have a new friend. This is the turtle fairy “TuWang”, a species of East Hermann land turtle, is a very special and cool turtle with the nickname “Tank on land”! Opened an Instagram account to communicate with people who love Artwa !We have opened an Instagram account to communicate one step closer with […]